FALCON 7X 2017

Manufacturer FALCON
Model 7X
Year 2017
Size Category Large Long-Range Jet
Weight Class Heavy
Max Range (NM) 5795
Passengers 14
Manufacturer FALCON
Model 7X
Year 2017
Flight Hours 1048
Landings 478
Passengers 14
>Asking Price 34000000


Make Model Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp Model: PW307A
Total Time 1043 1043 1043
Cycles 478 478 478


Make Model Honeywell Model: GTCP36-150(FN)
Total Time 1531
Cycles 1341


  • Features 14 Passengers + 2 Flight Deck Crew + Crew Jump Seat Configuration with Forward 30-Inch Crew Lavatory with Fixed Sink and Storage Area and Aft Cabin VIP Lavatory with Vanity Cabinet.  Left & Right-Hand Forward Storage Cabinets with Hinged Door. New in 2017 by Dassault Aviation. 
  • Features a Forward 38-Inch Galley Annex, Entryway Closet and Entertainment Cabinet that has Interchangeable 7 Bus Bins pr 3 Atlas Tray Carriers Cooled by Cold Air Outlets and includes 1 large Drawer and Storage Area with a Drop-Down Door and Aft Section Includes a Closet. Galley to Cabin Pocket Door.
  • Forward a 50-Inch Upper Section Galley with TIA Wavejet Microwave Oven, Enflite High-Temperature Oven, DeLonghi Manual Fill Nespresso Machine, Storage Racks, 2 Thermal Carafes on Pull-Out Platform, Storage for Standard Glassware, and a 50-Inch Lower Galley Section with Sink, Faucet, Wine Storage rack, Trash Drawer, (1) Cold Storage Drawer, Ice Drawer, and Split Pop-Out Work Surface. 
  • Forward Cabin has 4 Chairs in Club Arrangement 2 Pullout Tables, Mid-Cabin has a 4-Place Conference – Dining Group with a Electric Hi-Lo Dinning - Table opposite a Credenza and with 12-Inch Plug-In Extension, Mid to Aft Cabin Divider with Mechanical Privacy Curtain, Aft Cabin has Two (2) 3-Place opposing 60-Inch 16G Divans with Manual and Electric Berthing.
  • Cabin Entertainment has Honeywell MCS-7120 Inmarsat Satcom with 3 Channels (1Classic Aero H+ Flight Deck Voice Channel, 1 Fight Deck Data Link Channel and 1 Swift Broadband Channel up to 432 KBPS, and 1 Low-Cost Voice Channel, 1 Corded and 1 Cordless Handsets. 1125VAC 60 HZ VA Inverter with 12 Electrical Outlets
  • Rockwell Collins Falcon Cabin HD+ with 3D Interactive Moving Map with Airshow App iPad Map, Flight Deck Controller, 1 Dual Blu-Ray Player, 01 USB Port with Power Outlet for Video on Demand, 1 HDMI/USB Charging Port with Power Outlet, 1 USB Port for Audio on Demand, Two (2) 22-Inch Widescreen HD LED Monitor on R/H Galley Bulkhead and L/H Aft Lavatory Bulkhead, 1 10.6-Inch Widescreen LED Backlit Touch Screen Control, 15-inch Galley Annex, 12 Each Touch Screen TC-6000 Cabin Controls, 1 Each iPod Touch (Remote Control), 1 Each iPad (Remote Control), 7 Each Plug-In Monitor Receptacles, 6 Each ALTO Speakers, 3 Each ALTO Subwoofers, 2 Each ALTO Amplifier, 1 Each ALTO Speaker per Lavatory and 11 Each Stereo Headsets.


Matterhorn White Base with Red Stripes

Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program (CAMP) Tracking System

Title Last Done Last Done TSN Next Due Next Due TSN

Honeywell Primus EPIC EASy II Cert 4

  • Third Honeywell TR866B VDR VHF Voice and Flightdeck Datalink Comm System with 118136.975 MHz Tuning Range
  • Triple Honeywell TR866B VHF Communication
  • Dual Honeywell DF855 Automatic Direction Finder
  • Dual Honeywell KHF1050 HF Communication
  • Triple Honeywell AV900 Flight Deck Audio
  • Dual Honeywell XS858B Mode S Transponders
  • Honeywell EASy Uplink Weather Capability
  • ACSS TCAS 3000 TCAS with Change 7.1 
  • Honeywell EASy Modular Avionics Units
  • Two Honeywell KB600 Multifunction Keyboards
  • Two Honeywell CC600 Cursor Control Devices
  • Honeywell EASy Autothrottle 
  • Honeywell EGPW Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Sys
  • Goodrich Ice Detector
  • Honeywell EASy Central Maintenance Computer
  • Honeywell Attitude Heading Reference System
  • Dual DME Corp SRB 406B ELT (Life Rafts
  • Honeywell EASy II Controller Pilot Data Link Communication 
  • Honeywell EASy II CPDLC FANS 1/A (Future Air Navigation System)
  • Honeywell EASy II ADSB Out (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast Out) 
  • Honeywell MCS7120 SATCOM Inmarsat Aero H+ / Swift Broadband
  • Dual Honeywell NV877A VOR / ILS / MKR / GPS
  • Dual Honeywell DM855 Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Honeywell SELCAL
  • Honeywell EASy Communication Management Function with GDC
  • Honeywell WU880 Weather Radar
  • Honeywell KRA405B Radar Altimeter
  • Honeywell EASy Flight Control
  • Four Honeywell DU1310 Display Units
  • Honeywell RC600 Reversionary Controller
  • Two Honeywell CK600 Checklist Controllers
  • Honeywell RESCU 406AF ELT
  • Goodrich Smart Probes Air Data
  • Honeywell Standby Instrument Display LCD Indicator
  • Triple Honeywell LASEREF V Micro Inertial Reference Unit
  • Dual Honeywell ARCOMBI Flight Recording System
  • Honeywell EASy Electronic Jeppesen Charts
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Network

  • Installation of Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)                                                 (SB-7X-077-REV-01)
  • Installation of Reinforced Collapsible Towbar                                                              (SB-7X-112-REV-02) 
  • Installation of Honeywell Lightning Sensor System (LSS)                                           (SB-7X-113 REV-02) 
  • Honeywell MCD-7120 STCOM Activation of Swift Broadband Capabilities               (SB-7X-156)
  • Head-Up Guidance System (HGS) Upgrade                                                                 (SB7X-166)          
  • TCAS II System Change 7.1                                                                                             (SB-7X-197-REV-01) 
  • Steering Control – Extended Crosswind Capabilities                                                   (SB-7X-198), 
  • Installation 90-day Underwater Locator Beacon for FDR/CVR                                    (SB-7X-268-4-REV-01)
  • Honeywell MCS-7120 SATCOM Software Upgrade                                                      (SB-7X-290)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight 48,500 LB Operation Limit Indication Cannes Airport      (SB-7X-292-1-REV-02) 
  • Enhanced Avionics System EASY II                                                                               (SB-7X-300-2-REV-03) 
  • Enhanced Navigation with Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV)     (SB-7X-301-2-REV-02)
  • ADS-B Out Version 2                                                                                                      (SB-7X-302-1-REV-02)
  • SmartView TMSVS – Synthetic Vision System                                                             (SB7X-030)
  • CPDLC ATN-B1 Datalink                                                                                                 (SB-7X-308-REV-03) 
  • CPDLC FANS1/A + Datalink (CPDLC &ADS-C)                                                              (SB-7X-309-REV-06) 
  • Installation VDR 3 Module Capable of VDL Mode 2                                                     (SB-7X-310)
  • Enhanced Avionics Easy II+                                                                                           (SB-7X-320 & 322) 
  • Fuel Pump Drain Improvement                                                                                      (SB-7X-393-REV-01)
  • Air Conditioning Pack -ECS Pack Installation Improvement                                       (SB-7X-469)
  • New Crew Oxygen Masks                                                                                             (SB-7X-506-REV-01)
  • Enhanced Avionics System EASY II 4 TH Certification NG I/O                                   (SB7X-521)
  • SBAS / LPV 
  • Jeppesen Chart Capability + Falcon PERF Software 
  • Rockwell Collins HGS-5860 Head Up Display (HUD)
  • CTS Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
  • Pratt & Whitney Flight Data Acquisition Storage & Transmission System 

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Seats 1999
Bagagge Capacity 90 cca/li
Speed 335 mph
Range 1739 miles
Interior Width 1,7 m
Interior Height 1,65 m